Looping America – Are you in the Loop?

Hearing Loop LogoHaving difficulties enjoying music or television at home? Struggling to hear public announcements while out and about? Often, personal hearing aids aren’t enough to provide perfect clarity. And “add-on” devices-such as headphones-are conspicuous, clumsy, even unhygienic after being passed from person-to-person.


Our chapter is working with several houses of worship to install these loop systems.  Those places with a loop system include Temple Sholom www.templesholom.net and Wise Temple www.wisetemple.org.

Thanks to the latest advancement in audiology, the Induction Loop System, you now have access to perfect audio perception and discretion without ever having to remove your hearing aid. With the Loop, audio signals are transmitted directly to your telecoil (T-coil) equipped hearing aid, broadcasting sound that is customized to your ears only.

For Use In: System Benefits Include:
-Airports-Auditoriums-Churches-Classrooms-Concert Halls-Courtrooms-Drive-thrus-Meeting Rooms-Theatres-Ticket Counters


-And More

Customized to listener’s personal hearing lossExcellent sound reproductionMaximizes effectiveness of hearing aidNo messy cordsNo need to wear additional devicesNo unhygienic headphones or earbudsSubtly reaching those with hearing difficulties

Our chapter has supported Temple Sholom in getting a loop system. We have a portable loop system to loan to places so they also can experience these systems. Let us know of places you would like to get “looped.”  For more detail see:   www.hearingloop.org.


NPR did a piece on loop systems http://www.npr.org/2011/11/25/141721718/with-the-flick-of-a-switch-its-crystal-clear-to-hear