In this section, our members will share their own personal tips and tricks for dealing and coping with hearing loss. If you have a tip that you would like to share, please contact us and we will pass it on!

Tips for Hearing in Noise

Patricia B. Kricos, Ph.D. – University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida Ask new hearing aid users to name the number one thing they like about their new hearing aids, and they will probably answer, “I don’t have to strain so much…

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you have trouble hearing?¬† Do you know someone who does? Friends and family of people with hearing loss are affected as much and sometimes more so than the person with the loss. The following questions will help you determine…

Active Listening Strategies

Active Listening Strategies If you experience hearing loss, the following active listening strategies will enhance your communication with other people to create a more positive communicative environment than hearing aids alone can provide. Look at the person who is speaking.¬†Position…


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Circle Tail provides assistance dogs to people with mobility, hearing, neurologic or psychiatric disabilities. They also provide dogs for adoption, as well as offer obedience training, behavior management and boarding services. Circle Tail is near Cincinnati, Ohio.