[Editor’s update: The easiest way to find the lyrics to Vevo songs is to visit   Unfortunately not all songs are available — such as “Crazy Frog” mentioned below. ]
It’s not readily apparent from the home page that lyrics are available.  So
far, the best way to find the videos with lyrics seems to be to go to the
“Whatcha Say?” section at:

and then choose from the videos that show up there.

(“Whatcha Say” also shows up as one of three choices on the top of the page
that can be found by clicking on the Channels link.)

When the video starts playing, put your mouse inside the player and click on
“Lyrics.”  You’ll want to make sure that the “Lyrics” box is showing up with
a white background. The default setting is with a gray background.  If
“Lyrics” disappears when you click on it, that means there aren’t lyrics for

the video.

I find it helpful to pause the video for quite a while so that it will
pre-load.  The default setting seems to be for HQ video, but if you have a
slower connection, try deactivating the HQ so that a gray background shows

Warning:  some of these music videos would not be rated PG if they were
movies, so parents of young kids and folks with conservative tastes may want
to be particularly careful about what they select for viewing.  However,
there’s children’s music available on this web site as well, like “Crazy
Frog” (which apparently is a hit with 3 year-olds, though not necessarily
with their parents).